An Outdated Bathtub Material: Acrylic 

Acrylic, an outdated bathtub material, is worth consideration when choosing the perfect bathroom fixture. Despite its historical popularity and cost-effectiveness, understanding the limitations and drawbacks of acrylic is important.

Exploring acrylic disadvantages is essential when delving deeper into why it falls short as a bathtub material and why alternatives like stone resin bathtubs are gaining popularity.

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The Disadvantages of Acrylic

Acrylic's disadvantages manifest in various aspects, making it a less-than-optimal investment. Issues such as lackluster durability, inefficient heat retention, limited design options, and environmental impact diminish its appeal. Let's dissect these challenges associated with acrylic bathtubs.

Lack of Durability

Durability concerns over acrylic tubs come to the forefront. Prone to scratches, cracks, and discoloration over time, these fixtures struggle to maintain a beautiful appearance. Even routine bathing and exposure to cleaning agents can damage acrylic.

Limited Heat Retention

Efficient heat retention is difficult for acrylic. The bathtub's surface cools rapidly, translating to a less-than-sumptuous bathing experience. If you desire long, luxurious baths without a swift descent into chilly waters, acrylic may disappoint.

Limited Design Options

Design limitations further plague acrylic bathtubs. While offering some flexibility in shape and size, acrylic struggles to accommodate unique designs, constraining creative freedom in crafting a bathroom space aligned with your personal tastes. These restrictions may clash with your envisioned look and ambiance.

The Environmental Impact

Acrylic is derived from petroleum-based products, making it less environmentally friendly compared to our stone resin freestanding bathtubs. The production process of acrylic involves the use of fossil fuels and other chemicals, contributing to carbon emissions and environmental pollution. This is key to note because, in our eco-conscious world, using sustainable materials is becoming more and more important.

Lesser Value for Investment

Due to its limitations and the high possibility of wear and tear, you might realize that acrylic bathtubs tend to lose their value over time. Choosing a higher-quality option like resin stone bathtubs can be a clever choice when you consider the long-term investment and resale value of your home. 

Resin Stone Baths: A Better Option for You & the Environment

Since acrylic is outdated and lacking in so many areas, you might be wondering what you should purchase instead. A luxurious resin stone bathtub offers better durability, greater heat retention, and a classic, clean aesthetic. At Hansel Stone, we provide a wonderful selection of classic, modern, and vintage bathtub looks for any design theme you might have.

Our stone baths don’t discolor over time and are resistant to scratches and chips, meaning your resin stone freestanding bathtub can last for decades under good care. 

The composite is also resistant to bacterial growth, making it a breeze to clean and keep your bathroom hygienic. As you can tell, resin stone provides greater value and bathing satisfaction in the long run.

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Hansel Stone | The Company That Delivers Quality

Hansel Stone provides a high-quality polished product in its unique mineral composite, resin stone. It’s a combination of hard dolomite and elastic resin sourced in Europe. We are also the only company that sells this composite using entirely green methods. This means we don’t leave a carbon footprint when creating our bathroom masterpieces. 

Our ergonomic designs are competitively priced, adding luxury and quality to your bathroom experience at a fair cost. They also provide sound insulation, so no noisy splashing of water hitting the stone will disrupt your indulgent pre-bathing rituals.  

Our Incredible Heat Conductivity

One thing we all expect from a good soak is to enjoy savoring the heat while it pampers our bodies with its therapeutic warmth. 

This is harder to achieve with acrylic, but Hansel Stone’s composite stone resin bathtubs are warm to the touch and keep your water hotter for longer. This makes for the ultimate spa experience in your own home.

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