Luxury Stone Shower Pans

Using our premium composite stone, Hansel Stone designs and crafts luxury stone shower pans that are both low maintenance and environmentally friendly. These luxury shower trays are designed to suit every type of bathroom aesthetic, whether you're a commercial architect working on bathroom projects or a homeowner upgrading your master bathroom.

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The innovative mineral composite stone we use is exclusive to Hansel Stone, ensuring that our low profile stone shower pans offer truly unique features. Along with incredible strength and durability, Hansel Stone shower bases provide a premium showering experience through their sound insulation, heat retention, and anti-slip finish.

Browse our range of composite shower pans or design a custom stone shower pan with our Bespoke Stone Bathware service. We deliver across the US.

Features of our Resin Stone Shower Bases

Our low profile stone resin shower trays are designed to be practical but also pleasing to the eyes. Along with several major practical benefits, our composite shower pans also offer a touch of luxury that can transform your showering experience with one piece of stunning mineral composite stone.

With a Hansel Stone composite shower base, you can feel like you've walked out of the spa every time you step out of the shower thanks to the distinctive features of our luxury stone shower floors.

1. Superior Quality Composite Stone

Our engineered stone shower base is made from a unique mineral composite stone that is developed in Europe. Combining hardwearing dolomite stone with a superb elastic resin binder, our luxury resin stone shower trays are designed to offer superior quality that will last a lifetime and add value to your property.

Our unique mineral composite, when used to create a solid surface shower pan, creates a functional composite stone shower base that will not detach, chip, or flake like other common shower pan materials. It will also not discolor and turn yellow over time.

2. Intuitive European Designs

As with all our luxury stone bathware, the design principle behind our composite stone shower bases is simple: We aim to perfectly merge functionality and timeless luxury.

Whether your shower enclosure is a square or rectangle, or in a corner or alcove, we have various shapes and sizes to ensure you get exactly what you need. Whichever stone shower base pan you choose from our collection, you can be sure your new stone shower tray will not go out of style or let you down.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Our sophisticated environmentally friendly manufacturing processes ensure that our luxury shower base range does not harm the planet.

Using 100% renewable energy and an innovative chemical process, each composite shower pan in our collection is made using little to no external energy, resulting in zero emissions.

4. Lifetime Guarantee

We are confident in the exceptional durability and strength offered by every Hansel Stone resin shower tray, so for your added peace of mind and to ensure that our products maintain our high quality standards, your new shower base will also include a lifetime guarantee.

Should your solid surface shower floor become defective, we will replace it at no extra cost.

Fine living is just a stone's throw away — Order a luxury resin and solid stone shower base from Hansel Stone with a lifetime guarantee.

Benefits of our Stone Resin Shower Pans

The benefits of a stone resin shower base from Hansel Stone are unparalleled because of the unique properties of our mineral composite stone.

Durable & Resilient

Our resin and natural stone shower base is far stronger than traditional acrylic shower pans because it contains dolomite stone. With its unique makeup and non-porous surface coating, it resists staining, yellowing and chipping, which preserves its white color and finish.

Easy to Maintain

A shower stone floor made from our mineral composite is a breeze to clean and maintain. The anti-bacterial properties ensure that harmful bacteria won't grow and its low maintenance features mean you can clean your stone resin shower floor with regular cleaning products.

Anti-Slip Surface

Never worry about slipping in the shower again! The luxurious finish of our mineral composite is similar to a natural stone shower pan — its anti-slip surface allows you to truly enjoy every minute of your shower.

Sound Insulation

The superior acoustic absorption of our mineral composite shower bases will ensure that the sound of the water striking the floor of the composite stone shower pan is as subtle as can be — giving you a tranquil shower experience from beginning to end.

Warm Underfoot Experience

Our composite stone shower pans can retain heat from the air and water around them because of the thermal conductivity and insulation properties of the dense dolomite stone used in our mineral composite. This keeps them warm before, during, and after your shower.

Order a luxury composite stone shower base from Hansel Stone to turn drab into dreamy as you create the perfect bathroom space.


How do I clean my resin stone shower pan?

Our stone shower bases come in a gorgeous matte white color that gives you the ultimate flexibility when decorating your bathroom.

Many homeowners shy away from white for fear of the cleaning required to maintain it, but a Hansel Stone composite shower pan made from stone resin offers the perfect solution for this. With anti-bacterial properties, your new shower pan can easily be cleaned and maintained as part of your usual cleaning routine — no harsh chemicals or complicated methods needed.

How do I find the right size pan for my shower?

Before you order or install your new composite shower base, ensure that you measure your shower enclosure. Once you've done this, you can match it up to the shower bases available in our collection to find the perfect shower tray for your bathroom.

If you need advice on choosing the right composite stone shower pan, get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help.

Indulge in luxury with every shower — Order Hansel Stone shower bases online today!

Hansel Stone: Luxury Stone Resin Shower Pans & Bathware

Hansel Stone is a trusted name in luxury stone bathware that is known for its award-winning designs and superior materials. With our stone bathware at the center of your bathroom design, you can maintain a timeless aesthetic overflowing with luxury.

Our mineral composite collection includes freestanding bathtubs, floating stone countertops & countertop stone basins, all — like our impeccable shower bases — built to last with a lifetime guarantee.

For a luxury shower pan you can trust to stand the test of time and add an elegant finish to your bathroom, choose a resin and solid stone shower pan from Hansel Stone. Order your new stone shower base today.

Bespoke Shapes & Sizes

Over and above our square and rectangular shower pans, we also offer a bespoke design service if you cannot find a shower base in the right shape or size in our collection. This custom design service is applicable to all of our resin stone bathware products, including our freestanding stone baths, countertops, and bathroom sinks.

Contact us to have someone from our friendly team recommend a stone resin shower pan or guide you through our design process.

Order luxury stone shower pans from our exquisite range of mineral composite bathware for a shower tray that will stand the test of time and look good doing it.

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