Luxury Stone Bathroom Sinks

Our wide array of luxury stone bathroom sinks is created with high-quality composite stone, resulting in unique white stone sinks that are stunning and strong. With timeless designs and shapes, these vessel bathroom sinks will complement the aesthetic of any bathing space.

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Shop online with Hansel Stone to find a luxury stone bathroom sink that is backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

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Our Range of Modern & Luxurious Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Always fancied a luxury sink in your bathroom? Now’s the time to bring your dreams to life with Hansel Stone’s resin stone sink bowls for the bathroom. From its sleek design to its easy maintenance, there are many incredible features and benefits you can enjoy when you buy a stone wash basin from Hansel Stone. With a variety of shapes to choose from, you’re sure to find the ideal stone basin of your bathroom dreams. We also offer a bespoke design service to bring your vision to life. 

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Features of Our Mineral Composite Vessel Sinks

While natural stone, marble, and travertine can make for beautiful bathroom bowl sinks, it can also be a high-maintenance option if you want it to last.

We use a combination of materials — dolomite stone and a unique resin binder — to create an optimized version of these natural stone sinks using our exclusive mineral composite developed in Europe. Because of this, the qualities of our resin stone bathroom basin range perfectly blend usability and aesthetic appeal.

These are some of the exceptional features you can expect from Hansel Stone vessel sinks for the bathroom:

Unparalleled Strength

The combination of hard dolomite stone with an elastic resin binder provides higher strength and durability in our beautiful white vessel sinks. These materials make our luxury stone bowl sinks for the bathroom an ideal choice as they will not flex or creak over time.

Minimal Maintenance

Our bathroom stone sinks are easy to clean and maintain because our mineral composite does not flake, detach, or discolor over time. With their non-porous finishes, a luxurious Hansel Stone resin bathroom sink can be easily cleaned with a cloth and regular cleaning agents to keep the finish on your new stone wash basin looking new.

Warmth That Lasts

Our high-end bathroom sinks boast thermal conductivity and insulation properties thanks to the dolomite stone in our mineral composite designs. This enables the stone sink basin to retain heat from the air and water surrounding it, keeping your stone bathroom sink warm to the touch.

Superb Bacteria Resistance

Our stone sinks for the bathroom all have anti-bacterial qualities to resist the development of dangerous germs – an important property for stone vessel sinks. This simplifies the cleaning of our restroom sinks and provides you with the highest level of hygiene when it comes to your bathroom wash basin.

Blissful Acoustic Dampening

Whether you choose a round vessel sink or one of our square vessel sinks, our stone resin basins allow you to enjoy better acoustic absorption than a conventional acrylic sink. This means that when you open the faucet, our distinctive mineral composite will reduce the sound made by the water striking its surface.

Choose Hansel Stone's luxury vessel sinks to instil a sense of tranquillity in your bathing oasis. Shop from our online selection today.

Modern & Luxurious Stone Bathroom Sink Designs

To ensure that you find the ideal resin stone sink bowl for your style preferences, Hansel Stone's collection of sink bowls for bathrooms includes various sizes, finishes and forms to match all colors and interior design styles.

You can find a stunning designer bathroom sink in the following shapes in our exquisite collection, with either a matte or polished finish:

White Round Vessel Sinks

One of the most common types of stone vessel bowls is the round vessel sink, a gentle and organic yet sophisticated addition to any modern bathing area. Our round stone vessel sink range features various depths and modern minimalist styles, including options with straight edges, as well as more rounded bowl sinks for bathrooms with a traditional aesthetic.

White Rectangular Vessel Sinks

A rectangular stone vessel sink is a classic, and as a stone countertop sink, it can seamlessly fit into many different types of designs. A rectangle vessel sink from our luxury mineral composite collection will generally be bigger than the average square vessel sink, giving you more space for your daily routine.

Different modern forms with straight external walls and curved interiors are available. These geometric sink bowls for the bathroom sitting on a vessel sink countertop are truly unique.

White Oval Vessel Sinks

Our oval vessel sink options offer you exceptional versatility, and the shape of this elevated bathroom sink will easily blend with counters in every style and color. Perfect as floating bathroom sinks, the softly curved interiors of an oval bowl sink for the bathroom make it a truly timeless choice.

White Slipper Vessel Sinks

For those who love a bit of flair, our slipper-shaped vessel sink for the bathroom will give your space added character and beauty. The shape of these designer stone vessel sinks is distinctive, with an asymmetrical form that subtly curves to resemble some of our most popular freestanding stone bathtubs.

Complete your luxury bathroom with stone sink vessels from Hansel Stone — We ship throughout the USA.

Luxury Bathroom Basin FAQs

Are you curious about some things that haven’t been discussed yet? Here are our answers to some common questions about our stone vessel sinks. 

Are Hansel Stone bowl sinks for the bathroom easy to install?

The short answer is yes, our resin and natural stone vessel sinks are very easy to install. The ease of it may be determined by the shape you choose. A round or square vessel bathroom sink with a flat bottom, for example, will sit happily on your countertop. 

Why are vessel bathroom sinks popular?

These designer bathroom basins offer more than just elevated looks and timeless beauty – they’re also highly practical. Floating sinks for the bathroom take up less counter space and don’t require large holes to be cut into countertops. 

Unlike recessed stone basins for bathrooms, they can also be changed out quickly and easily, so if you grow tired of a square stone sink you can swap it for a round vessel stone sink in practically no time at all.

Does Hansel Stone make bespoke stone sinks?

Yes, we do! If you’re struggling to find the perfect bowl sink for your bathroom, Hansel Stone offers a bespoke design service. Let us help you create a luxury sink for your bathroom with a polished finish and unique shape that enhances your oasis of tranquillity. 

Have your eye on the perfect stone vessel sink? Elevate your bathroom today when you shop online with Hansel Stone.

Hansel Stone: Designer Vessel Sinks Overflowing with Luxury

Hansel Stone is passionate about offering homeowners elegant ways to update their living space in style — and our luxury bathroom sinks are just one way that we do this. As one of the UK's trusted luxury bathroom brands, our designer bathroom sinks are just the beginning of our offerings.

Along with resin stone vessel bathroom sinks, we also manufacture freestanding bathtubs, floating countertops, and low profile shower pans to match. You can incorporate our mineral composite stone countertops into your design to create a floating stone sink effect with our above-counter bathroom sink bowls.

Shop online with Hansel Stone for inimitable stone bathroom vessel sinks that make a statement.

An Environmentally Friendly Bathroom Stone Sink

Looking for luxury bathroom sink brands that care about the environment? At Hansel Stone, all of our luxury bathware items showcase our love for the planet as we use 100% renewable energy in the creation of our resin stone sinks for bathrooms. 

So whether you order a single white stone vessel sink or wholesale bathroom sinks for a boutique hotel project, you can rest assured that it is made using a complex chemical process that produces no greenhouse emissions and requires almost no external energy.

Ordering & Delivery

Ready to order your luxury resin stone bathroom sinks? Place your order online to have your new bathware delivered to your door anywhere in the USA or Canada.

The shipping fee will be based on your order. View our Delivery & Returns for more information.

Shop online for luxury stone bathroom sinks from Hansel Stone — experts in creating bliss with bathware.