Luxury Bathware for Residential & Commercial Bathroom Projects

Browse our stone freestanding bathtubs, stone shower pans, stone bathroom sinks, and stone bathroom countertops for your commercial project. Whether you’re an architect, developer, interior designer, or similar trade professional, let Hansel Stone help you realize your design vision with our bespoke bathware service.

We manufacture bathtubs, shower bases, bathroom sinks, and floating bathroom counters for hotels and residential builds, to name a few. Using manufacturing processes that have been designed with premium quality and a lower environmental impact in mind, we produce quality that will enrich your designs.

Complete your commercial bathroom remodel with bathware from Hansel Stone. Fill out the form below to enquire about any of our bathtubs or commercial bathroom sinks and countertops for your project.  

Exclusive Luxury Stone Bathware with our Bespoke Service

Considering Hansel Stone's baths, shower pan options, contemporary bathroom sinks, and commercial bathroom counters? We use high-quality materials to produce the same luxurious bathware at large scale to meet your project requirements, ensuring you can complete your new luxury residential development project or commercial space with a cohesive bathware theme. 

With our bespoke project service, you get all the benefits of luxury tubs and bathware made from our innovative mineral composite – at a large scale. Add a special touch with bathroom countertops with a sink that match, or order a shower base with a solid surface in bulk to recreate the same carefully planned bathing haven across rooms or homes. Whether it be for commercial pursuits or residential developments, nothing will make your project stand out like our exclusive bathware.

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Hansel Stone designs and manufactures bathtubs, shower pans, sinks, and countertops to complement your bathroom project's style and size. 

These are the items we offer.

Bathtubs for Commercial Projects

Our stone resin bathtubs feature innovative benefits that can transform your customers’ and clients’ bathing experiences from ordinary to extraordinary. Some of the features you can expect from a Hansel Stone bathtub include ergonomic European shapes and advanced heat retention so that you can soak in exquisite comfort for as long as you want. 

We offer a wide collection of stone resin freestanding bathtubs, ideal for purchase on a large scale. Our options for a bathtub at wholesale include many of the bathware products on our website. Get adventurous with the colors of your bathtubs and choose black for an ultra-unique look. Or select an integrated overflow for an uninterrupted tub design.

Whatever your design vision, we can fulfil your custom bathtub order to match your interior scheme on a large scale. Whether your bathroom's interiors feature marble or wood accents, a bathtub from Hansel Stone ensures that your elegant soaking stone bath will perfectly match your commercial aesthetic. Choose our master baths and guest tubs for an exquisitely serene and luxurious bathing experience.

Bathroom Sinks

In addition to our custom-order stone bathtub service for luxury hotel bathrooms and more, you can also manifest the bathroom sink tops of your dreams for your commercial bathroom designs. We stock vessel sinks in multiple shapes, styles and sizes to perfectly suit various commercial bathroom projects.

As with our commercial bathroom equipment and luxury bathtubs for wholesale purchase, our elegant bathroom sinks require little to no maintenance. You can utilize our contemporary stone bathroom sinks to create a unique focal point and elevate your commercial bathrooms’ designs with our antibacterial vessel sinks.

Shower Pans

Our stone shower pans with resin imitate the texture of natural stone for an anti-slip surface. Robust and durable, our commercial shower pans have a solid surface that prevents chipping and cracking for astounding longevity. 

Our luxury shower trays come in many different sizes, so you can find a shower base fabrication that fits your commercial bathroom layout, no matter the dimensions.

Let us know the requirements for your hotel shower pans and more. From there, we can discuss the mineral composite stone shower pan options available for large-scale orders.

As solid surface shower base manufacturers, our mineral composite shower trays can fit your commercial luxury hotel bathroom walk-in shower enclosure perfectly.

Bathroom Countertops

In addition to being shower pan manufacturers, our range of builds extends to other wholesale bathroom products, such as commercial bathroom sinks and counters for commercial bathroom remodeling. 

Our custom project service also includes stone bathroom countertops. Bring us the quantities, dimensions, and styles you require for your commercial project, and we'll suggest bathroom countertops that perfectly accentuate the sizing and form of your vessel sinks with an uninterrupted, sleek look.

Our easy-to-clean white stone countertops become the focal point of any room with their bold yet elegant design. A bathroom countertop from Hansel Stone also offers the benefits of durability and a practical surface to complete your commercial design project with tasteful décor.

After you browse our range of luxury stone resin tubs and other bathware, bring your creative large-scale ideas to life with tub sizes suitable for any bathroom in a commercial development. Contact us to find the perfect fit with our large-scale bathware services.

Hansel Stone: Luxury Wholesale Bathware for Bespoke Commercial Projects

As trusted freestanding tub manufacturers and wholesale bathtubs suppliers, Hansel Stone's bespoke bathware project service is an extension of our commitment to helping people create modern, elevated commercial or residential bathrooms.

From opulent shower trays for your residential complex to elegant freestanding baths and wholesale stone countertops with vessel sinks for a boutique hotel, we can help. 

Hansel Stone is a leading brand with competitive price tags when it comes to wholesale stone resin freestanding bathtubs, shower pans, hand basins, and countertops in the US — so you can rest assured that you get true value for your money.

Upgrade your commercial or residential bathrooms with the bath products you've been dreaming about! Enquire about Hansel Stone's bulk-order services for bespoke projects today.

Our 100% Green Processes

Throughout our product ranges, including shower basins and shower tray options, we are proudly committed to our sustainability initiatives. Ceramic materials require incredibly high temperatures as they pass through a furnace, which makes them less environmentally friendly due to smoke volumes and required fuel. 

To manufacture our resin stone tubs, wholesale shower pans, and other bathware, we use an innovative chemical procedure that releases no greenhouse emissions and is incredibly energy efficient. Our production method results in zero emissions.

And if it's not enough that hardly any external energy is used to create our outstanding mineral composite bathware, our products are also manufactured using 100% renewable energy.

Ordering & Delivery

After you've spoken to us about your desired tub or commercial shower pan needs, our bulk-order bathware team takes care of the rest without you having to lift a finger — right up to delivery. We deliver throughout the United States and Canada. You can anticipate receiving your bathware products in 5–7 days*, with the delivery price based on your area.

*Delivery times may vary depending on your location, specifications, and the size of your order.

View our Delivery & Returns page for more information.

Transform your large-scale bathrooms with luxury mineral composite tubs and commercial bathware designed to fit flawlessly in your project vision. Request a quote for bulk-order bathware from Hansel Stone by filling out the form below and bring your unique luxury project to life.

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