Luxury Freestanding Stone Bathtubs

Transform your bathroom into an oasis of luxury with a stone resin bathtub from Hansel Stone. Discover our award-winning collection of luxurious freestanding stone resin bathtubs with timeless, contemporary designs that fit the forest retreat, minimalist home nook, and modern city apartment alike.

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At Hansel Stone, we are proud of the luxury that each stone freestanding bathtub in our range has come to represent. Our resin stone bathtubs are manufactured with a unique mineral composite stone that is designed for longevity, strength, comfort, and style.

Enjoy the superior warmth retention akin to natural stone baths with a freestanding stone bathtub from our collection.

Luxury is just a stone's throw away with Hansel Stone's stone resin freestanding tubs. Shop online today to find the perfect luxury freestanding bathtubs in the US to make a statement in your bathroom.

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Our Decadent Range of Stone Freestanding Tubs

At Hansel Stone, we boast an opulent range of luxury stone composite baths manufactured with function and fashion in mind.

Our range of distinctive styles and configurations is designed to suit both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. You won’t find a better luxury stone resin freestanding bathtub range in the USA.

Whether you want something simple or a showstopper, our collection of stone resin freestanding bathtubs will leave you spoiled for choice in your search for the perfect centrepiece.

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Features of Our Luxurious Stone Freestanding Bathtubs

For the best luxury freestanding baths, look no further than Hansel Stone — we supply only the highest quality resin stone tubs. We use a 100% renewable energy process to manufacture each stone tub and ensure only the finest hard-wearing materials go into each resin stone freestanding tub in our collection.

So when you upgrade your bathroom with a Hansel Stone bath, you’re getting a luxury stone resin tub that is both environmentally friendly and superior in quality.

Here are some of the features you can look forward to when you buy one of our stone resin baths.

Quality Mineral Composite Stone From Europe

Every resin stone soaking tub in our collection is made from our innovative Hansel Stone mineral composite, a unique composite stone crafted in Europe. Because of this European quality, our stone baths benefit from a high standard, ensuring a long-lasting bathtub that’ll endure through years of luxurious soaks. 

The unique marriage of hard dolomite stone with elastic resin delivers a durable but comfortable solid surface freestanding tub you can soak in with complete peace of mind. Additionally, your Hansel Stone luxury freestanding tub won’t yellow or stain over time due to its non-porous surface coating. 

Award-Winning Ergonomic Designs

We have won several global awards for our designs, and you will see exactly why when you treat yourself to one of our luxury bathtubs.

Whichever of our sizes, shapes, or models you choose, your new freestanding bath from Hansel Stone will boast an ergonomic design made with your comfort in mind. Whether you opt for a Victorian ball and claw tub or a double-ended sleek and modern oval design, there’s something to suit the taste of every homeowner or business.

External or Integrated Overflow

An overflow fitted on a freestanding resin bathtub of any size is designed to allow excess water to escape without opening the drain if the tap is left on, for example. 

Our freestanding stone baths are available with either an external or integrated overflow. An external overflow is a more traditional option for stone resin bathtubs. A pipe is connected along the outside of the stone soaker tub from the overflow hole to the drain. This means you can see the plumbing.

If you desire a clean look to your plumbing, opt for an integrated overflow, where the overflow pipe is concealed within the walls of the stone composite bathtub. This is ideal for luxury freestanding bathtubs, especially if they are placed in the center of your bathroom.

The modern craftsmanship of our luxury freestanding tubs means you won't have to worry about your new stone resin soaking tub overflowing when you run a bath.

100% Renewable Process

Enjoy every soak in one of our mineral composite resin bathtubs, knowing you've done your part to preserve our planet.

At Hansel Stone, we always put nature first. Each luxury bathtub in our collection is created using an environmentally friendly manufacturing process that produces zero greenhouse emissions. We’re all about 100% renewable energy, unlike the processes involved in the production of most natural stone bathtubs for sale.

Our process also reduces waste, as the unique mineral composite material we use is poured into a mold to create our durable products, including our freestanding bathtubs. This means they are not cut or shaped from larger slabs of material, ensuring zero wastage.

Timeless Polished Finish

The mineral composite we use to manufacture each soaking tub has a stunning white, glossy, non-porous surface coating. It’s smooth to the touch and resistant to stone resin discolour.

This means your new freestanding tub will maintain its elegance and sheen without experiencing fading over time, unlike natural stone bathtub material.

Various Shapes & Sizes

The elegance of a sleek stone resin freestanding masterpiece comes from its clean lines. Not only are our stone and resin bathtubs exceptionally comfortable, but they are also available in various structures, sizes, and designs.

Forget clunky fits, awkward proportions, clumsy design features, or unsightly tap holes. Whether you want a classic oval or ornamental slipper shape, our modern collection is sure to have the perfect ergonomic freestanding bathtub fit for you.

Embrace the elegance of a durable stone resin bathtub in your bathrooms. Order an exquisite Hansel Stone bathtub for sale online today!

Benefits of Hansel Stone Resin Baths

There are many reasons why we are trusted by so many customers looking to upgrade their residential and commercial bathrooms with high-quality resin stone soaking tubs boasting fantastic durability.

Thanks to the unique features of our innovative mineral composite material, Hansel Stone's solid surface bathtubs boast an array of unparalleled advantages.

Learn more about some of the stand-out benefits of our stone resin bathtubs.

Lifetime Guarantee

After years of research, careful attention to detail, and tried and tested products, we are confident that our durable mineral composite stone resin bathtubs will stand the test of time. For this reason, every freestanding stone bath in our collection comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

However, defects may occur, and should your resin stone bathtub not live up to our supreme standards, we will replace it at no extra cost. 

Incredible Strength & Durability

For a long-lasting tub in your home, you need something that will be strong and durable throughout its lifespan. Our unique mineral composite ensures products that are both tough and beautiful.

The resilient finish makes our stone resin tubs resistant to flexing, creaking, and chipping. This durability also makes our luxury stone baths resistant to cracks from heavy impacts, great in frequent-use spaces like hotels as well. 

Easy To Clean Anti-Bacterial Surface

Our bathtubs ensure easy maintenance; simply clean with regular household cleaning agents and a soft cloth. The material is naturally designed to resist the growth of harmful bacteria. This means a healthier environment with less mold and germs typically caused by frequent exposure to moisture and humidity.

Incredible Warmth

A luxury tub from Hansel Stone is designed to retain heat in your bathing space. As with a natural stone bath, the limestone choice is dolomite. This component in our mineral composite ensures exceptional thermal conductivity and insulation. This results in the most comfortable bathtub experience without having to top up the hot water periodically.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable cold shocks or baths that run cold within minutes. Not only will your water be retaining heat for longer, but when you lay your head and arms on the smooth surface, you’ll feel a noticeable warmth from the resin stone.

Serene Sound Insulation

A good bath begins as soon as you start drawing the water, and with our luxury soaking tubs, this part of the winding down is truly enhanced. Like a natural stone tub, a durable Hansel Stone resin bathtub absorbs and dampens the sound of water striking the tub. This sound-insulating material ensures tranquillity with every blissful bath.

Experience complete ergonomic-inspired relaxation, retain heat, relish polished design and unparalleled sturdiness, and enjoy effortless freestanding stone bath maintenance for years to come with Hansel Stone.

Create the luxury bath haven of your dreams. Order your new stone resin freestanding bath from Hansel Stone today for an elevated bathing experience.

FAQs About Stone Resin Freestanding Bathtubs 

Take a look at some of the most common questions people ask about freestanding stone resin baths.

Are freestanding composite bathtubs easy to install?

While our gorgeous stone resin tubs could require a bit of plumbing during installation, they are nonetheless easier to install than built-in composite tub options. A built-in stone resin tub requires extra steps for a smooth installation, including mounting, sealing, and possibly the creation of a surround. 

What is the most comfortable shape for a resin stone bath?

While this will depend on your body shape, height, and overall preference for comfort, an oval freestanding stone tub tends to offer the most comfort. This is because the modern design of the resin bathtub's curves are crafted to support the natural lines of the body. 

This is especially effective in the lumbar region of the spine, offering optimal design for you to maintain a restful and comfortable posture in your stone resin bathtub. 

However, all of our bathtubs with an ergonomic design ensure ultimate comfort for your back — offering a healthy reclining position.  

How do you hide the pipes with stone resin freestanding bathtubs?

Our luxurious bathtubs might be the pinnacle of your bathroom furniture, but you might be wondering how these beautiful composite tubs are plumbed and how you can disguise them. 

To create a seamless, polished decor effect between your resin bathtub and your plumbing, it’s best to put the taps on a side that doesn’t face the door and where they’ll be out of the way. Then, standpipes are used to cover the external plumbing material for a more cohesive and attractive finish. 

Do you plan to have your composite stone bath up against the wall of your bathing space? You can also install the plumbing for the taps in the wall to hide the pipes. 

Do you need to waterproof the area below a freestanding bath?

Your luxury stone bathtub will require a water-resistant or waterproof floor, seeing as it’s in your bathing space where water will often come in contact with the floor. Whether you choose durable tiles, wood-effect flooring, or concrete, it will need to be sealed in order for it to be suitable. It’s best to also seal your walls as high up as the lip of your freestanding resin tub, which can vary depending on its size. 

What should I consider when buying stone freestanding baths?

The first consideration is space — small bathrooms can accommodate a decent-size freestanding stone bath. 

Next, consider the shape that will be the most comfortable for you and match your aesthetic — such as a natural white finish minimalist look.

You’ll finish by considering the weight of your desired tub once filled with water and whether your floor is strong enough to handle it. 

Can you enjoy showers with a stone bathtub that's freestanding?

Yes, you can use our resin bathtubs as a combined bath and shower experience. All you need to do is fit a shower head over the tub and voila; more bathing options at the tips of your fingers. Thanks to the resin bathtubs' acoustic dampening, you’ll find the experience of a shower delightfully peaceful.

What holds a freestanding tub in place?

It may look as though a freestanding tub is placed delicately in its preferred spot and can be moved at any time. However, a freestanding tub often has a line of silicone caulking surrounding the bath where it meets the floor to ensure a waterproof meeting between the resin stone and flooring. 

This ensures that your bath won’t shift about and compromise your plumbing points at any time when cleaning your bathroom or drawing a bath. You can rest assured that everything will stay firmly in its place. 

How much room is needed for a freestanding bathtub?

Our range of stone baths comes in different sizes and shape arrangements, but the ideal one for you could depend on a few factors. 

Once you’ve established how much space you have in your bathroom, it’s good to estimate about a foot in distance around the entire bath to account for cleaning and ease of movement. 

You also need to consider if the bath will be used primarily for a single person or two people simultaneously, which would necessitate a larger bath. If you have children, the height of the bath might be important to you. A tub with a lower profile could suit your needs better as opposed to one with high sides. 

At Hansel Stone, we create bliss with bathware. Discover the beauty of a Hansel Stone bath experience for yourself by ordering your freestanding bathtub online today.

Hansel Stone: Trusted Luxury Freestanding Stone Baths in the US

Hansel Stone is a trusted manufacturer of luxury stone resin freestanding baths and other stone bathware that offers durability, style, and comfort.

Our composite stone bathware, which is sourced from and developed in Europe, includes luxury resin stone shower trays, floating stone countertops, and countertop stone basins — all as exquisitely produced as our polished solid surface freestanding bathtub range.

Our passion for crafting stylish, high-quality resin stone tubs with a smooth, natural white finish is always guided by our mission to protect the environment. So, if you're after a freestanding stone bath in the USA that looks good, feels good, and doesn't harm the planet, Hansel Stone is the brand for you.

Our Bespoke Design Service

Are you working on a large-scale commercial project and looking to place a bulk order?

We can design and manufacture bespoke stone baths for large commercial projects, ensuring you complete your project with a cohesive aesthetic. 

Let us know what you have in mind for your project, and we’ll create the ideal stone freestanding bath for your hotel or residential development. We even offer a black finish for custom color designs, which is one of our speciality features not offered elsewhere. 

Ordering & Delivery

We can deliver your new freestanding bathtub anywhere in the USA or Canada within 5–7 working days. See our Delivery Information page for more details.

Embrace sheer opulence in your washroom. Explore our range of stone resin freestanding tubs for sale, and order your favourite one from Hansel Stone today.