Luxury Freestanding Stone Bathtubs

Your bathroom can become an oasis of luxury with a stone resin bathtub from Hansel Stone. Discover our award-winning collection of luxurious freestanding stone resin bathtubs with timeless, contemporary designs that fit both the forest retreat and modern city apartment.

At Hansel Stone, we are proud of the indulgence and luxury that each stone freestanding bathtub in our range has come to represent. Our resin stone bathtubs are manufactured with a unique mineral composite stone that is designed for longevity, strength, comfort, and style.

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All that's left is to decide which freestanding stone bathtub is the one for you.

Luxury is just a stone's throw away — Shop online from Hansel Stone for luxury stone freestanding bathtubs in the US to find the perfect stone resin freestanding tub for your bathroom.

Our Decadent Range of Stone Freestanding Tubs

If you're looking for a luxury stone resin freestanding bathtub in the USA, Hansel Stone has a decadent range of luxury stone composite baths manufactured with function and fashion in mind.

Our range of distinct styles and shapes is designed to suit both contemporary and traditional bathrooms, so whether you want something simple or a showstopper, our collection of stone resin freestanding bathtubs will leave you spoiled for choice in your search for the perfect centerpiece for your bathrooms.

Features of our Luxurious Stone Freestanding Bathtubs

If you're looking for the best stone resin freestanding tubs, look no further than Hansel Stone — we supply only the highest quality resin stone tubs. We use a 100% renewable energy process to manufacture each stone tub and ensure only the finest materials go into each resin stone freestanding tub in our collection.

So when you upgrade your bathroom with a Hansel Stone bath, you are getting a luxury stone resin freestanding tub that is both environmentally friendly and superior in quality.

These are some of the features you can find in our stone resin baths:

Mineral Composite Stone from Europe

Every resin stone soaking tub in our collection is made from our innovative Hansel Stone Mineral Composite, a unique composite stone that is crafted in Europe.

The marriage of hard dolomite stone with elastic resin delivers a durable but comfortable solid surface freestanding tub you can soak in with the peace of mind that it will not yellow or stain over time.

Award Winning Ergonomic Designs

Whichever of our sizes, shapes or models you choose, your new Hansel Stone freestanding bathtub will boast an ergonomic design made with comfort and luxuriously long soaks in mind.

We have won several global awards for our designs and you will see exactly why when you treat yourself to a soak in one of our luxury bathtubs.

External or Integrated Overflow

Our freestanding baths are available with either an external or integrated overflow. The modern craftsmanship of our luxury freestanding tubs means you won't have to worry about your new stone resin soaking tub overflowing when you run a bath.

100% Renewable Process

At Hansel Stone, we always put nature first. Each luxury bathtub in our collection is created using an environmentally friendly manufacturing process that emits zero greenhouse emissions while using 100% renewable energy, unlike most natural stone bathtubs.

Enjoy every soak in one of our mineral composite resin bathtubs knowing that you've done your part to preserve our planet.

Timeless Polished Finish

The mineral composite we use to manufacture each solid surface soaking tub has a stunning white, glossy non-porous surface coating that is smooth to the touch and resistant to discoloration.

This means your new freestanding tub will maintain its sheen and brightness without fading or discoloring over time, unlike a natural stone bathtub.

Various Shapes & Sizes

The decadence of a stone resin freestanding bathtub comes from its form. Not only are our stone and resin bathtubs exceptionally comfortable, but they are also available in various shapes, sizes, and designs.

Whether you want a classic oval or ornamental slipper shape, our modern collection is sure to have the perfect freestanding bathtub for your home.

Looking for a rectangular tub or something entirely unique? We also design and manufacture bespoke mineral composite resin bathtubs. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Order an exquisite Hansel Stone bathtub for sale online today!

Benefits of a Hansel Stone Bathtub

A rejuvenating soak is just one of the many benefits you can enjoy with our stone resin freestanding bathtubs. There are many reasons why we are trusted by so many customers looking to upgrade their bathrooms with high quality resin stone soaking tubs.

Thanks to the unique features of our innovative mineral composite material, Hansel Stone's solid surface bathtubs boast an array of unparalleled advantages.

These are some of the main benefits of our stone resin bathtubs:

1. Lifetime Guarantee

We are confident that our durable mineral composite resin bathtubs will stand the test of time and give you luxurious soaks for a lifetime. For this reason, every freestanding stone bathtub in our collection comes with a lifetime guarantee — should your tub not live up to our quality standards, we will replace it at no extra cost.

2. Strong & Durable

When installing a new tub in your home, you need something that will be strong and durable throughout its lifespan. Our unique mineral composite has a non-porous surface coating that makes our resin bathtubs stain resistant and resistant to flexing, creaking and chipping.

3. Easy to Clean Anti-Bacterial Surface

Simplicity is at the forefront of our stone bathware designs — whether it's aesthetics or cleaning. Our solid surface bathtubs are easy to maintain and clean with regular household cleaning agents because they are designed to resist the growth of harmful bacteria.

4. Warmth

Never worry about your bathtime being cut short too soon again — a luxury tub from Hansel Stone is designed to retain heat. As with a natural stone bath, the dolomite component in our mineral composite ensures exceptional thermal conductivity and insulation so you can enjoy the most comfortable bathtub experience without having to top up with hot water.

5. Sound Insulation

The relaxation of a good bath begins as soon as you start drawing your bath, and with our luxury soaking tubs, this part of winding down is truly enhanced. Like a natural stone tub, a Hansel Stone tub absorbs and dampens the sound of water striking the tub, ensuring tranquillity through its incredible sound insulation.

Create the luxury bathroom of your dreams — Order your new stone resin freestanding bath from Hansel Stone!

Hansel Stone: Trusted Luxury Freestanding Stone Baths, US

Hansel Stone is a trusted manufacturer of luxury stone resin freestanding bathtubs and other stone bathware.

Our composite stone bathware, which is sourced from and developed in Europe, includes resin stone shower pans, floating stone countertops, and countertop stone basins — all as exquisitely produced as our solid surface freestanding bathtub range.

Our passion for crafting stylish, high quality resin stone tubs is always guided by our mission to protect the environment. So if you're after a freestanding stone bath in the USA that looks good, feels good, and doesn't harm the planet, Hansel Stone is the brand for you.

Hansel Stone has curated a truly lavish stone resin bath collection, ensuring that there is something for every interior design style. Peruse our selection of luxury composite resin bathtubs and enjoy the luxury of choice or create an exclusive bathtub just for you.

Bespoke Design Service

Browsed our stone resin bathtubs for sale and didn't find a design that suits your bathroom and home?

We can also design and manufacture bespoke baths if you can't find the bathtub of your dreams in our collection. Let us know what you have in mind for your new bathroom centerpiece and we will create the stone freestanding bath of your dreams.

Ordering & Delivery

We can deliver your new freestanding solid surface bathtub anywhere in the USA or Canada within 5–7 working days. See our Delivery Information page for more details.

Order your new luxury stone resin bathtub from Hansel Stone today!

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