Convenience Unlocked: Bathroom Shopping Without the Need for Showrooms

In the past, acquiring a new bathtub meant enduring the hassles of showroom visits — traffic, hours of exploration, and decision-making amidst overwhelming options. Technological progress and the prevalence of online shopping have transformed this experience, granting customers the luxury of browsing and purchasing stone bathtubs from their own homes. This blog post delves into why customers no longer find it essential to visit showrooms for resin stone bathtub purchases and examines how this transformation is reshaping our shopping habits.

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Outdated Showrooms: A Thing of the Past

In earlier times, showrooms were the sole avenue to leisurely explore a company's product range. However, the demands of the modern era call for modern solutions. The ability to view thousands of products online at the click of a button stands out as one of today's greatest conveniences. Here are several reasons why showrooms have become obsolete.

Abundant Online Catalogs

Specialized online retailers in bathware and stone baths now present extensive catalogs on their websites featuring a diverse array of options. These catalogs provide in-depth product descriptions, high-resolution images, and sometimes even virtual tours or 3D models, enabling customers to envision a stone bathtub in their personal space. With just a few clicks, a multitude of styles, sizes, colors, and materials becomes accessible, ensuring the discovery of the ideal built-in or  freestanding bathtub to match your preferences and requirements.

Enriched Product Information

Detailed resin stone bathtub specifications, dimensions, installation guides, and customer reviews found on online platforms offer insights into durability and user experience. This abundance of information enables customers to make informed decisions, avoiding sole reliance on showroom staff expertise.

Enhanced Filter & Search Features

User-friendly filter and search functions, often showcased by online bath retailers, allow effortless option refinement based on specific search criteria. Whether seeking a freestanding bathtub, clawfoot bathtub, or a unique material, quick filtering aligns the selection with individual preferences. This efficient process saves time, enabling focus on stone baths that meet requirements, and eliminates the need for the physical viewing of many showroom displays.

Convenient Delivery & Returns

For retailers like Hansel Stone, operating online streamlines the delivery process for stone bathtubs. Reputable collaborations with reliable shipping companies ensure secure doorstep delivery, accompanied by tracking options, and estimated delivery times. Moreover, commonplace customer-friendly return policies offer hassle-free returns or exchanges if satisfaction with the purchase is not achieved. This convenience removes the necessity of transporting bulky bathtubs from showrooms to homes.

Hansel Stone: Who We Are

At Hansel Stone, we manufacture and supply luxury bathware made from our unique resin stone composite material sourced from Europe. This material is made using completely green methods and renewable energy, making our resin stone the only totally environmentally friendly stone of its kind. Our prices are competitive and our stone products are top quality with a lifetime guarantee. With our extensive range of luxurious bathware choices, we cater to private homeowners, hotels, and architects. 

A Highly Durable Product

Our resin stone composite is extremely durable and resistant to chips, flakes, and cracks from impact and the wear and tear of time. The striking white stone will sparkle long into the future with its stain-resistant, non-porous surface coating that’s easy to clean. It also doesn’t flex or creak, but remains solid.

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